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Close to your heart. 

Since our youth, the three founding sisters of Loomp have spent their time in the company of their four-legged friends.
The love for our furry friends led us to the decision to build a quality, functional and beautiful bed for Kan matching the colours of our home. Kan is a Siberian husky and has a lot of hair. That is why we have focussed on precision when making it. We designed it so that the hair cannot enter any hidden nooks and crannies, simply because there aren’t any. You can easily just wipe the dirt away. As an additional option, we offer soft inlay for the bed which can be dressed in a washable sheet. This way, we ultimately solved the problem of dirt. The additional inlay is at the same time ideal for travels where you take your pet so they can have their own spot under the sun.
The ingenuity offered us further playing ground. What about a specially designed collar and leash? And let’s make them so that everything matches? Something that would highlight his character; something special just for our Kan. Products made by Loomp are designed so that they fit your home. You can choose between matching collections of beds, collars, harnesses and leashes. Combine different Loomp products to create a collection matching your taste!

Ustanoviteljice loompa


The staff at Loomp strives for comfort for pets and their owners. That is why we make products for animals of different sizes and consider varying tastes of their owners. It is our wish that our products would meet the requirements of both owners and their furry friends so that they feel safe, comfortable and cosy.


Our sales programme is going to expand considerably in 2015. We will add more products which will meet the requirements of our furry friends. The products will also be launched outside of Slovenia because we plan to expand our market to neighbouring countries. Contact us and tell us your proposals since our little animal friends cannot talk and we are the ones who know them best. We are open to ideas and will be most glad to hear your wishes and try to help you out.
Welcome to the unique, playful and alluring world of Loomp!

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