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DOG BED Loomp offers 2 BEDS IN ONE!

Dog and cat beds Loomp are hygienic. They have been designed so that there aren‘t any hidden nooks and crannies where you could find fur and dirt. The solid bed is adapted to the weight and size of the animal.

We offer quality, functional and all-purpose dog beds. Bed 2 in one has an additional soft and comfortable portable cushion which can be easily removed from the bed. You can use it as a duvet for your pet on travels, weekend excursions, camping, in car, dog sheds, dog boxes or at outdoor barbecues.

The dog cushion is dressed in bedding. You can choose between cotton sheets for dog bed which match your home or living quarters. Your furry friend will purr or howl with joy lying on his or her bed which affords peace and pleasure.

Choose between different colours of LOOMP beds.

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Product Description

  • Bed hardness is adapted to the weight and size of the animal
  • High-quality and comfortable beds Loomp retains shape
  • Beds are hygienic (being made of waterproof artificial leather, prevents the dirt from entering the interior; in addition it does not cause allergies and is mite proof)
  • Dog and cat cradles are easy to clean (beds are designed so that fur and dirt cannot enter the space between edges of the bed; the dirt remains on the outer edges so you can vacuum it or wipe it away with a damp cloth)
  • Easy cleaning with a damp cloth
  • Additional soft and portable cushion for your pet (it can serve as a dog cradle or bed while travelling)
  • The bed comes fitted with a lining which keeps the bed walls clean and provides comfort and warmth for your pet
  • Cradles and beds are made of artificial leather that comes in different colours matching your home
  • Sheets for dog and cat beds can be changed easily and put in the washing machine for washing at 60°C
  • Different sizes (S, M, L)
  • Uniform design of dog and cat beds and cradles
  • Made in in EU-Slovenia

Additional information

Size S

65 x 55 x 20 cm

Size M

95 x 70 x 25 cm

Size L

110 x 85 x 25 cm